Introducing Me- Part Two

It’s a cute song… (actual song begins at 1:52).

Day two!  I will refrain from talking about my actual life for now and just write about who I am…  Or else I’ll never finish the little bit that I actually kind of know about myself.

  • I’ve been told I’m very mature for my age…  I think I’m mostly just quiet and reserved…  Not any more mature than the next kid.  I think maturity has way more responsibilities than I myself am personally capable of handling right now…  Also, maturity is a matter of perspective…  So I guess you can call me mature if you perceive me as mature.  I will take it as a compliment.  🙂
  • On the other hand, I adore being called a kid by people who are significantly older than me (like 8 or 10 years)…  It makes me feel small and somehow safe I guess.
  • It bothers me to no end, though, when my friends who are only a couple years older than me treat me like I’m some how a little child compared to them…  It’s kind of insulting…  Same goes for if I’m in a group of people who are all learning a new talent together and somebody else singles me out as somebody who wouldn’t be able to keep up just because I may not be as naturally as inclined to something as they are.
  • If I enjoy something, chances are I’ll keep doing it no matter how terrible I am at it (unless continuing would harm somebody else).
  • Speaking of feeling small, I really enjoy it when I feel small (like looking out at the ocean makes you feel).
  • I’m not a fan of the spotlight (I seriously don’t need that much attention) but I definitely enjoy acting.
  • I love seeing people I love smile.
  • I don’t seem to comprehend what people are conveying to me as well with words as I do with facial expressions and hand gestures…  I like to think I communicate better with hands and facial expressions than words, as well but I really have no clue.
  • High fives have made my day.
  • Hugs mean a lot to me (but I probably won’t hug you unless you hug me first or I know you’re the hugging type)…
  • Individual hugs from people I don’t typically hug seem to mean even more…  Kind of like it kills me if somebody I hug often stops hugging me.
  • I wantI’m going to learn how to write with my toes.
  • I’m also going to learn how to play a piano accordion.
  • Music, in my opinion, is the greatest gift God has given humanity.

Got to get ready to go to bed now.



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2 Responses to Introducing Me- Part Two

  1. Erin C says:

    The fact that you think/write about these things means that you are more mature than most people your age. Or at least that you spend more time thinking about important things than most people your age. I’m not sure which.

    Also, for future reference, I am a hugger, though I am currently in the company of many non-huggers, and have gotten out of the habit.

  2. rea says:

    Thank you. It’s a lot easier for me to write things then to actually say them… I guess it’s cause a keyboard has a backspace, my mouth doesn’t.
    Good to know! I always like knowing if somebody is a hugger or not. I’m around too many people that have quite large personal bubbles so I tend to just err on the side of not hugging if I don’t know. 🙂


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