Still about me… Man I’m self centered…

This might be my last post all about me…  I don’t know…  Maybe, maybe not…  (insert evil laugh here).

  • I really like turtles and penguins.
  • My “school” colors are green and purple.
  • There are some questions that seem so silly to me and then I realize that nobody else would understand why (I answered one such question aimed at a group of various people yesterday).
  • I endeavor to not appear needy (I can’t remember if I already said this)…  I kind of clinged to a guy I liked once and I understand now why he kind of hated my guts for a brief amount of time.
  • My ren faire and the family there is another home to me.
  • I enjoy dancing.
  • It’s wonderful when I’m able to dance with somebody that can actually waltz.
  • School is actually something I enjoy…  I like learning new things.
  • I really like my babysitting jobs…  Children have a lack of drama that is very comforting.

I can’t think of anything else now…  My mind is kind of burnt out from school today I think.  🙂

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