I really shouldn’t be bored…  I have only a dozen or so school or cleaning related things I should be doing right now.  But am I?  No.  Definitely don’t have the will power right now.  I’m tired.  And I’ve done 8 hours of school already.  Yes, that’s bordering on whining…  I will now proceed to stop the whining because I’m annoying myself.  I really need to do dishes though.  But, what I will do is continue on with my procrastinating.  So, let the insanity ensue!  (My sane self is not responsible for any obnoxious thoughts, feelings or other conveyed emotions that are written in this blog.  They are all the property of my tired, procrastinating, random mind.)

May the string of random thoughts/questions/statements/things about me begin:

I’m shy.  Horribly shy.  It takes me forever to trust somebody.  Especially the general male population (No offense intended…  It probably has something to do with the uncertainty of being my father’s daughter).  I don’t understand this personality trait of mine; I’ve tried to be more outgoing and it just doesn’t work.  So, I will just except my shyness and quietness (unless I feel so incline as to be not shy and not quiet).  It’s kind of nice to just listen…  It’s also kind of nice to have your voice be heard once in a blue moon.  Once I feel some kind of normal around a person, though, I tend to do/say things without thinking and I end up feeling the closest thing to regret I feel (nothing terribly serious has ever happened… I just hate messing up).  Thus, the shyness begins again…  Even if the other person has no idea what I said/did.

If I’m chatting online with you, regardless of if I’m shy around you in person, I will suddenly be very talkative (unless I’m exhausted.  And there a few people who I will say anything that pops into my head to keep the conversation going because I like talking to them).

I kind of don’t like talking over the internet, though, just because I can’t see the persons hands and eyes.  Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to talk to the person online because I go months at a time without seeing them.

I’m comfortable in silence.  Sorry, if this makes it difficult to talk to me.  I can be kind of slow on knowing that somebody actually wants to hear from me.

I have liked (that’s an understatement) the same young man for almost 1 1/2 years now and haven’t done anything about it.  His new official nickname as it pertains to this blog is Zwei. Yes, this text is several shades lighter than black…  It’s the rational, sane part of my brain’s sad attempt at making anyone who reads this not realize what they read.

No, in fact, I don’t have a brain.  It’s called straw 😉

I’m horribly uneducated in the realm of theatre and famous plays.  I really enjoy acting and music, though.  And watching plays for that matter (especially if I know someone in them).

Yes, I realize I use the word “though” way too much.  It is a word I am quite fond of apparently.

Does anybody want to know anything about me?  Or have any ideas for something I could write about (anything at all?  Fiction or non-fiction?).  I’m in desperate need for something so that I can let my brain rest a little bit from the math/science overload I am experiencing at the moment.

I’m making a list of things/places to do/see/know/make happen before I graduate high school (I’m a sophomore now).  Any suggestions?  Absolutely nothing is too crazy or far fetched.  It’ll go on my list regardless of what it is (unless it’s something that goes completely and totally against my moral standards).  Books to read, movies to watch, things to know, places to see, relationships to form, people to talk to, etc, etc.

I shall now go do my dishes.

Me 🙂



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1 Response to Bored!

  1. rea says:

    There’s a new page on my blog with all of the answers (and some of my own).


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