It’s been way too long.

I haven’t blogged in forever…  It’s probably only been a few weeks, but…

So, there’s nothing in particular that I have in my mind to write about so this will probably just be random thoughts (there’s a reason my blog is adventures in randomness).

Firstly, I officially have a sprained thumb.  Yes, after all of those visits to the hand specialist and the x-ray and MRI and stuff, it was the physical therapist who told me what happened.  Note to self: go to the physical therapist first.  (I should make a page with note to self notes.)  So, he said I had somehow pulled my thumb too far back which pulled the ligaments or tendons or something apart.  He said this takes between 12 and 18 months to completely heal.  7-12 weeks of physical therapy for it to stop hurting.  He gave me silly putty and a rubber band and said “I could have you come here every few days and exercise your hand on our stuff and make your mom pay for it…  Or I could just give you silly putty and a rubber band and set you on your way.”  (Needless to say, my mom is quite happy that I don’t have to go back).

A very good thing about learning that it’s just sprained is that playing piano is actually really really good for it.  We went to sword dance/folk dance last night and my mom and sister and I got there around the same time as the callers did (before anybody else) and I was able to play on an actual piano!!!  Granted, it was a piano that was old, had a few keys that don’t make any sound anymore and it looked like one of the black keys had been cut off…  But, it was way way way better than just playing on a keyboard (which is all I’ve done for 2 months).

I’m unbelievably happy at the moment…  For reasons completely unbeknownst to me.   Well, that’s a lie…  But, I’m sure the answer would be absolutely ridiculous and there’s no way it should make me as happy as it is…  But it is…  And it’s not just something that happened it’s something that’s happening…  Something that I want to happen.  *sigh*

Well, I’ve got to get off of here.  My family is going to see Harry Potter 7.1 today (my dad apparently has a fondness for taking us to the movies).

Me 😀

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