Thanksgiving: the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, esp. to god.
A list  in no particular order seems appropriate given the holiday.  😉
I’m Thankful
For Life
And Love
And Hope
For The Men and Women Who Defend the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness
And For My Families
I’m Thankful for
Snow the Day After Thanksgiving
For Little Children’s Laughter
For Birds
And Butterflies
For Gran’s Cranberry Sauce From A Can
And Mamaw’s Green Beans
I’m Thankful For
Stained Glass
And History
For A Home
And For A Great Grandmother I Never Met
I’m Thankful For
A Crazy Mom
An Insane Sister
A Twin
And A Father I Want To Know
I’m sure more will be added here…  I’m just really sleepy right now.  🙂

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