These things called humans; of which I am one.

Ya know, sometimes I’m disgraced to be known as a member of humanity.  Sometimes the gall people have to assert their opinions where their opinions aren’t warranted and in an offensive way disgusts me.  It makes me grieve for my people.  My species.  What’s come over us?  Then they go and my bring MY God into it.  MY religion.  They say they’re Christian.  Doing things in the name of Christ.  Doing what Christ would want them to do.  Regardless of how you think Christ would want you to live your life He wouldn’t want you to shove it in another person’s face.  Sharing your faith is fine (no matter what your faith consists of ) but pushing it on other people?  I mean, come one, people.  No wonder there’s so many who shy away from faith because they’ve been hurt by it.  I don’t blame them one bit.  I hope they find the Love and Compassion but that’s another thought for another time.  (Just for the record, I think there are innumerable paths to Heaven through Christ.)

Then there’s times when ONE solitary little thing will make me swell with pride at being able to call myself human.  A really sweet foreign man with a large dog who happens to be our neighbor, for instance.  A smile.  Music.  Doctors.  Pastors and Sunday School teachers who are true.  My Mom.  My Dad.  My Twin.  My Sister.  A beautiful Scottish accent out of a young man who isn’t even Scottish.  Art.  Acceptance.  Tolerance. Love.

So, here’s the closest things to New Year’s Resolutions I’m getting:

Firstly (even though it’s pretty irrelevant): To keep a scrapbook that I put all my little, strange mementos of 2011 in.

Secondly: To try to not do anything that would make somebody else disgusted with humanity.  I’m not going to say I’m going to try to do thing that make people proud of humans because I’m not sure I’m capable of intentionally doing so; but if I do, then GREAT!

Me 🙂

P.S. I may just have the gumption to post this one on Facebook as my first ever blog post on Facebook…  Probably not soon.  But, still.  🙂

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