A poem type thingy

Okay, so the post before last has been deemed too depressing so nobody can see it anymore…  I figure that if I don’t want to read it then I can just take it off.

I HAVE THE POWER!!!  Mwahahaha!

So, this is something a little more agreeable to read…  Still the same topic, just happier and more hopeful.

I read it again and again

Hoping to find something new

And sometimes, occasionally, somehow I do

Do you know how long it’s been since

I’ve seen your face

Your hands

Heard your laughter

Watched you smile

It’s been too long

I sent you a letter hoping I wasn’t too late

Well this hope’s feathers were broken

But, strangely, not crushed

You said that if you could

You would

But you can’t

You said it wouldn’t take another thought

But you got tired

You moved on

And somehow there’s still wings in there somewhere

Wings to fly us away in the words of a letter

A love

A laughter

That gave my life color

You’re all I think about

I can’t get you off of my mind

The thought that maybe

The line that you wrote

Saying jut not right now

Might be more than just words

Might be more than just feathers of hope

Blowing around in my heart

I hate that you’re becoming just a name

Just a name on some paper

I need to see your face

To hold your hand

To know you’re there

I need you to reassure me

That true love never dies

That what we have is true

Your words alone changed my world

They flipped it upside down

Somehow you became the new pulling force

Somehow with words you took mystery

And made it known

You took questioning

And gave it an answer

You left me wondering what else there is to you

With the words of your letter

(sorry for the obnoxious amount of spacing…  I don’t know how to fix that)

Me 🙂

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