Heaven Help Us All #2

It is a very good number, after all.  🙂

So, when I wrote part 1, I said there was a lot more floating around in my head…  And there was…  I just can’t remember it very well.  So I’m reading back through my underlined parts in Mere Christianity and am now writing part #2.  It should be somewhat really close to my original thoughts.  🙂

The part of the book that really sums up what it meant for me is really the last few pages (it wouldn’t mean near the same without having read the rest of the book, though).  Here’s some of the thoughts that I underlined:

  • That the next step in evolution (and I’m not even getting in any kind of depth on the topic of creation…  Suffice it to say that I believe God created the world, that that happened in His own good time and that we are more or less living in the 7th day) is not a physical kind like the widely accepted ideas (why should it be when all of the previous steps would have been unexpected by their predecessors?) but rather a spiritual kind.  A kind that first made an appearance in the form of Christ.  The next step in evolution is the step towards being small gods of a sort inside of the Holy Trinity.  That is made possible through Christ.  It doesn’t make people who lived and died before Christ any less of a creation of God, but life was harder for them.  They had a lot of rules and sacrifices and rituals and all we have to sacrifice is ourselves.  The only rule we must follow is the rule saying we must believe in Christ and his love and sacrifice for us and on our behalf in order to live for eternity in the presence of God.  Now, the thing that separates this evolutionary step is that each person is free to decline it.  God even encourages his children, if they refuse to accept Him, to actually deny him in Revelation 3.  He does not want His children to deny Him but think about what you would feel like if you had to judge whether your children got to live in eternity with you or be separated from you for eternity based on how much they believed in you.  It would be a million times worse to throw them to the dogs just because of a lack of faith in general.  Lukewarm is not good.  God wants you to have convictions…  If you feel led to change your convictions then do so with prayer and thought but don’t live life lukewarm.  (Notice how horribly off topic I got here)


  • While people cannot fully become like Christ until after they die and go up to heaven to be with the Father, there are people who are amazingly close to God because they are actually inside of Christ.  They may be the quiet, kind of reserved people that don’t seem to do much…  But they do.  the general population just doesn’t see it because they don’t realize that these people live only for Christ and they know that Christ sees everything they do so they feel no need to go and tell the world what they’ve accomplished.  These people aren’t necessarily any better than the next Christian, but faith sure does come much easier and more natural to them.  I’m beginning to be able to recognize people like this almost instantaneously and I’m very blessed to know some of these individuals; I hope to become that absorbed in Christ.  What C.S. Lewis says about these people is this-

“Already the new men are dotted here and there all over the Earth.  Some, as I have admitted, are still hardly recognizable; but others can be recognized.  Every now and then one meets them.  Their very voices and faces are different from ours; stronger, quieter, happier, more radiant.  They begin where most of us leave off.  They are, I say, recognizable; but you must know what to look for.  They will not be very like the idea of ‘religious people’ which you have formed from your general reading.  They do not draw attention to themselves.  You tend to think that you are being kind to them when they are really being kind to you.  They love you more than other men do, but they need you less.  (We must get over wanting to be needed; in some goodish people, especially women, that is the hardest of all temptations to resist.)  They will usually seem to have a lot of time; you will wonder where it comes from.  When you have recognized one of them, you will recognize the next one much more easily.  And I strongly suspect (but how should I know?) that they recognize one another immediately and infallibly, across every barrier of color, sex, class, age, and even of creeds.  In that way, to become holy is rather like joining a secret society.  to put it at the very lowest, it must be great fun.

  • Another thought is that, more or less, all people who have yet to find themselves are the same.  Yet, when you find your self you have a very unique and individual personality inside of Christ.  This is strikingly similar to the thoughts about what I felt back around Christmas that I had even before I read this book.  What I called myself before just resting and becoming a new ‘self’ in Christ, was really just the self it seemed like the world wanted me to be.  It was a ‘self’ that wasn’t influenced by me at all but rather created by the world.  There are many honest, true Christians that live this way.  And I feel immensely sorry for them.  Because Christ is Freedom in its truest sense and until you feel that you are missing some of His glory.  One cannot be free, cannot have a true self, until they surrender what they call their self completely to Christ.  He doesn’t just change the self you have.  He takes that self, gets rid of it, and recreates the personality you were created for inside of Himself.  So in effect, He is creating you in Him.  You are becoming begotten of God instead of made by God.

Now, all of this lines up amazingly well with what I believe.  There are some points that I’m sure Mr. Lewis and I would have disagreed on if I had ever had a conversation with him.  But that’s not the point, the point is that God used hid book to help me see the change that was already taking place in my life; to help me put it into words.  To help me further realize that the only thing I will ever ever ever need is Christ.

Elaborating on the thought that I will only ever need Christ, that means we were created to want.  Otherwise God wouldn’t have created the beauty of this Earth or even love for that matter.  As long as we want things in order to increase our bond with Christ instead of trying to fill some void created by ignoring Him, then wants are good.  Which, obviously (because I AM a teenage girl), brings us back to the current main issue (for lack of a better word…  It’s not really an issue…  It’s just a thing that requires thought and hopefully not messing up too much anymore) which is this young man who I’m sure you’re all familiar with if you read my blog.  I was getting a tad obsessed with him (which is really really bad, not only because that would turn me into somebody incredibly needy, but he has a girlfriend…  So we are most definitely JUST friends for the foreseeable future and I have to live as if that won’t change…  Just hoping that it might).  But, now that I’ve found the self I need to be, I’ve realized that I don’t need any relationship outside of Christ.  I really really want a relationship with this particular young man, though.  🙂  I think society in general seems to say that you should live only with what you need…  But I don’t think that was God’s intentions.  I think He wants us to wants to be in communion with His other children and creatures inside of Him.  So, yeah, I want to really get to know and spend time with this guy I call my friend.  I want to be something more than friends…  But I don’t need that to survive.  Does that make sense?

I’ve got to stop now before I start babbling nonsense more than I already have.  😉

Me 🙂


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