I’m just a kid.  I don’t want to grow up.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I want to be a good friend, sister and daughter now, a good girlfriend soon and a good wife and mother someday, but I don’t know how exactly to do that.  However, life has this funny way of not stopping because I’m unprepared (or for any other reason, really).  I just have to hold on tight, put every ounce of faith I possess into my Savior and just keep on keepin’ on knowing full well that I will never and can never even begin to understand this complex, intricate world and life that God has created.  I have to trust that God will grace me with loving friends, parents, siblings, children and a boyfriend (and eventual husband) who will want to be around me, not because they or I have figured life out, but because they want to keep on keepin’ on with me; by my side, if you will.  Because somehow, subconsciously, we’ve mutually decided that holding on tight and riding the roller coaster known as life would be better together.

I do want to move and see and be, but the whole change and uncertainty thing is a tad bit frightening…  I guess I’m just a little bit of a control freak.  😉

Me 🙂

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