My Speech

So, this is the speech that I wrote and then proceeded to speak at my Young Writer’s Workshop today… My teacher apparently comes to our faire and really enjoys it, so I think he liked this at least a little bit (and that, teacher’s pet that I am, makes me happy).

Some call us hippies, others call us freaks, and some call us family. We’re the cast and crew of Renaissance Faires all over America. One big, usually happy, sometimes dysfunctional family. We stand around and goof off in the heat, the cold, the wind, and the rain. All for your enjoyment. Why? Because we love doing what we do. Some of us play music, swallow swords, or breathe fire. There’s a joust where they compete on horseback in exciting games of skill, a circus troupe that juggles fire and knives and even a medieval scientist, Dr. Kaboom, who involves his audience, young and old, in all of his scientific experiments such as making non-dairy coffee creamer explode.
While others, myself included, are more inclined to spend several months developing our characters of old and practicing improv techniques, just to make you (and oftentimes, by extension, ourselves) happy. There’s King Robert the Bruce, King of all Scotland and his entourage (including fellow traveling noblemen and women, his Squire, who goes by the name of Squire Number Two and even his bodyguard, The Black Douglas). There is also Errol Ghillies, the dung seller of the village who is constantly trying to ‘expand his horizons’ to increase his sales, Oakley the Fairy who is always distracting the young flighty nobles such as Lady Edine, the very loud Goodewyfe ,SelyGhillies, who is frequently found trying to foil the Pirate Captain, Amos Muirhead, in his attempts at causing mischief as well as many more hilarious citizens of Briarwood.
Sure, there can be problems like miscommunications resulting in drama, or even physical problems such as heat stroke. But, we take care of, and look out for each other, so that we can stand up, dust ourselves off and be ready to do it all again because that’s just who we are.

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