So, the last post was a little dark and depressing.  Which is precisely how I felt when I wrote it.  In less than 12 hours, though, life started feeling a whole lot better.  I took a nap and a bath and then went and danced.  I got to dance twice with a person that means the world to me (I also got to dance with my little sister, my Mom and one other person I had just met).  It was rather a happy time.  I’m still pretty darn happy.  🙂  I sat down and wrote last night because I was inspired by dancing and what I wrote was ridiculously mushy and I can’t believe it came out of my brain, and for modesty’s sake I’m not going to post it here, because I think he and I both would be thoroughly embarrassed if he read those mushy, lovey-dovey thoughts on a pretty public site.  It’s so mushy!  :/  It’s ridiculous.  😉

Me 😀

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