More Writing from my Workshop

Flash-fiction descriptive story thingy about pointe shoes:

Capezio the Dancemaker

Hidden away in a worn out, cardboard box, black, covered with white stars and the words ‘Capezio the Dancemaker’, is a pair of pointe shoes.  A pair of shoes that hint at a dedicated young woman who made dance her life.  Shoes known as  Nicolini.  They’re a soft, rosy pink with sweat stains and scuff marks showing hours of work, dancing and stretching; preparing the feet they encased to become the makers of dance.  Now, they’re tucked away, with their ribbons of fraying silk wrapped around them, and covered in fading tissue paper, the way they will remain, worn out from hours upon hours of mastering the beautiful dance.


A ridiculously mushy 10-minute play that makes me feel like I’m turning into Nicholas Sparks:

Free Falling


Aowyn Renaldi

 17 year old girl who just graduated from high school and is leaving for an Ivy League college in the fall, much to her dismay.

Fynn Ferguson

19 year old guy who lives on the outskirts of the town and has been homeschooled his entire life.  His sister just left for Harvard and he’s just hanging out around the town, kind of free spirited, not in any hurry to leave.


In a wooded area, Aowyn is standing by a stream in the late afternoon of a summer day, shoulders shaking as if she’s trying to calm herself down from crying, when Fynn comes up behind her.  Fynn and Aowyn have seen each other around their small town but have never really met.


(Clearing his throat, he begins talking nervously, not wanting to scare her)

So, uh, I’ve seen you around here before…  How often do you come to this beautiful place?


(Turning around quickly, she gasps, vaguely recognizing Fynn)

Oh, I’ve lost track, I guess…  (She fidgets nervously)  But I’ve been here more and more often lately.  I, uh, I come here mostly when I need to get away from life and feel small.  It is rather peaceful, isn’t it?  What about you?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before…


(Looking kind of nervous, he moves around so he’s not facing Aowyn and stares off into space)

I mostly come here at night; when it’s dark and I can just lay here and look up through the trees at the stars.  It’s really a cheesy thing, I guess, but who really cares, ya know?  You just can’t see stars like this anywhere else.  (Turning back to Aowyn, he smiles really big, almost reflectively)


(Looks skeptically at Fynn and calms down when she sees his smile)

So, are you from around here, or do you come here just to see the stars?


I live on the outskirts of town, about ½ a mile from here.  I’ve lived there all my life, homeschooled and raised by my older sister.  I stumbled on this place while I was walking a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve come back every night now.  (Smacks his head in realization and extends his hand)  I’m Fynn, by the way.


(Completely disregarding Fynn’s outstretched hand, her eyes get wide with disbelief and she throws her arms up in the air.  She begins talking in an accusatory, questioning tone)

You mean you have time to just walk around every day?  You mean you’re still around here, even though, by the looks of you, you’ve been out of school for a year or two?  Doesn’t your sister or whoever your legal guardian is expect you to have a respectable, successful career and start a family?  Doesn’t she expect you to be normal?


(Leaning up against a tree facing Aowyn and glaring at her incredulously before rolling his eyes, relaxing and talking calmly)

Hey, calm down!  You’ve only known me for 2 minutes; I don’t think that gives you any license to judge.  Me and this thing you call (making an exaggerated face of mock horror for a moment) ‘normal’, we don’t really get along.  As for learning, you never really stop, right?  I’m in no hurry to leave, I’ve got a job that’s decent and pays the bills, my sister’s leaving within the year to go to Harvard since I’m a (making air quotes with his hands) ‘big boy who can take care of himself’.  And a family… (Looks almost wishful)  That would be nice.  I guess I’m just waiting for the right girl.  (Talking to himself, under his breath)  And I think I may have found her.  (Turning his attention back to Aowyn)  So, what about yourself?  You’ve got, what, two years of school left?  What are your grand plans for after you graduate, Ms. ‘Prim and Proper’?


(Rolls her eyes and begins talking in a smart-alecy voice)

Well, Mr. ‘Grumpy-Pants’, I just graduated a year early from Ms. Primley’s School for Girls, so I’ve got the summer to get my life together, and then it’s off to some Ivy League school to become a lawyer.  (Her voice starts to waver) I guess…


First of all, I only called you Ms. ‘Prim and Proper’ because you never told me your name after I introduced myself.  Secondly, what on Earth do you mean by ‘you guess’?


(Acting vulnerable and fidgety, on the verge of tears)

I don’t really have a choice, it’s what’s always been expected of me; the right thing to do, prim and proper, and all that.  (Timidly and apologetic) Oh, and I’m Aowyn, I apologize for getting so out of hand, I didn’t mean to upset you.  (Manages a weak smile)


(Moving to stand closer to her, not wanting to scare her)

No worries, I’ve been known to be worse a time or two.  (Smiling) It’s nice to meet you, Aowyn.  I didn’t mean to touch a nerve.  It’s just that I’ve lived a life that has made me realize, at an early age, just how important it is to live for who you are and who you want to be; to live your dreams in order to make them a reality.  I guess I just don’t want anybody else to have to figure that out the way I did (pause) the hard way.


(Calming down and acting as if she is comfortable with her surroundings now)

Well, thank you, Fynn.  I’m not sure I totally get what you mean, but I kind of understand.  I guess what you‘re getting at is that, if I feel trapped in my own skin, something is wrong.  (Talking to herself) Now to figure out how to be free…   (Turning her attention back to Fynn) Anyway I, uh-


(Hearing her last statement, he interrupts her before she can change the subject)

You want to know how to be free, Aowyn?  (Looks contemplative and then smiles) Think of something, anything that you really want to do, or somewhere you really want to go.  Big, small, near, far, the sky’s the limit.  Then make it happen.


(Looking excited)

Really, you think that would work?

(Her face drops as she thinks and starts second-guessing herself)

Wait.  There’s no way I could do that.  My parents would be livid and I’m only 17.  I’m still legally under their control until September 2nd, and by then I’ll already be at some university.


(Falters for a moment, but quickly smiles excitedly)

Okay, I can respect that.  However, (He gets up and starts walking back and forth in front of her, pointing his finger at her in an authoritative way every now and then) fear should not be your motivation; you should still fight to make your dreams a reality.  So, we, I mean, uh, you, can just start with something really small.  (Faltering, face beginning to fall as he doubts himself) Wait; do you actually want to go to some school in New England?


(Looking confused)

Not really…  I mean, I’d much rather just fall in love, fall into the serendipity of life and just live, ya know?



Great!  (Quickly calming as Aowyn looks at him with raised eyebrows)  I mean, well, I’m glad you’re being true to yourself.  So, think of something small we, I mean, you, can do and then hold that thought.

(Aowyn thinks for several moments while Fynn paces as if he’s in deep thought)


Okay, I’ve got it!


(Turning his attention back to Aowyn)

Great!  Now, you should make it happen.  Then, maybe you’ll feel more comfortable when we, well you, talk to you parents about who you actually want to be.


(Looks happy and then suddenly scared)

Wait!  I don’t know how to do this!  I’ve really only ever done what I was expected to do…


(Shyly) I suppose I could maybe help you if you, you know, if you want me to. (Fidgets with his hands)


(Smiling)  Really, Fynn?  You would do that for me?


(Turns tentatively to face Aowyn and smiles in relief)

Of course I would!  Why not?  (Jokingly) This is the perfect opportunity for me to earn my ‘help unlucky damsel in distress find herself’ merit badge!

(Aowyn glares at Fynn)


(Holds his hands up in the air in surrender)

Hey!  I was just kidding!  Of course I’ll help you, no strings attached, no merit badges to earn.  (winks)


(Looking mischievously thoughtful)

Do you want to know what I want to do?


(Looks confused and slightly afraid)

Do I want to know what?  (A look of realization dawns on him)

Oh!  Sure, yeah.  What do you want to do more than anything?


I want to (Dramatic pause) bungee jump!  (Starts talking quickly and excitedly)  You know that bridge about a mile from town?  That would be the perfect place, don’t you think?


(Face falls as he turns away from Aowyn)

Ummmmm…  (Talks doubtfully) Really?  That bridge?  That’s what you want to bungee jump off of?


(Calming down but still looking slightly excited about the prospect of bungee jumping with Fynn)

(Voice falters)  Why not?  I can go by myself, I guess, if you want.  (Looking downcast and upset, she turns to leave)

It was nice meeting you, Fynn.  (Waves weakly and starts walking away)


(Catching up to her to stand in front of her, looking her in the eye, talking calmly but sternly)

No, Aowyn. I’ll go, don’t worry.  It’s just that, well, that’s where my parents died…  (his voice growing quiet and eerie) They were in a car crash when I was 7.


(A look of concern and sympathy taking over her features)

Are you sure?  You don’t have to!  (She begins talking quickly)  I mean, I didn’t know, I’m so sorry that I brought it up…  (Struggles to find the right words)


(Grabbing her shoulders, he looks at her calmly)

Aowyn.  Stop.  Yes, I’m sure I want to go.  I just doubted myself for a moment.  I said I would go and I will.  What kind of person would I be if I went back on that?  I’d be a person I don’t want to be, that’s what.  This just means that this little adventure of ours will be just as much for me as it is for you.  I’m here for you, Aowyn, always.


(She hugs him, wrapping her arms around his neck and talking into his shoulder)

Thank you, Fynn.  I don’t think anyone’s ever said anything like that to me before.


(Hugging her back, he smiles from ear to ear)

Ever and always.  (Standing back from her)  So, this bungee jumping thing…


Yes?  We could go together.  That way we’re never apart. 

(Grins mischievously)

And, also, that way the falling isn’t quite as terrifying.


(Grabs her hand and starts walking out of the forest)

Sounds marvelous!  You know I’d never let you be terrified if I could help it.


(Looks at him and stops)

Oh, I meant terrifying for you!  (Grins wildly, looking calmer when she sees Fynn’s look of shock)  Hey!  I’m going to be terrible at this, so it’s perfectly okay if you’re terrified.


That’s okay!  Really, now that I think about it, it’s even better that we’re terrified and terrible.  It means we’re doing something even though we know we’re going to fail.  After all, courage isn’t doing something knowing you’ll be great; it’s doing something knowing you’ll be terrible and doing it anyway.

(They walk together out of the forest, his arm wrapped around her and her head on his shoulder)

The End

Assorted poems:

Butterfly Wings

The quivering butterfly wings

Wings as fragile as the autumn leaves

Leaving behind the bitter wind

Winding their way to home again

Again they go to forested glades

Glades of beauty of every shade

Shading the wings and the butterfly both

Bothering no one forever and on

Deathly Hope

You feel it coming

Wind blowing violently

Rain falling


Against your face

Then you see

The light

Shining through the clouds

Creating brilliant colors

Colors known only

After the storm

Passing Sorrows

Certain beautiful creatures

Of the passing, and of the sorrows

One a perfect winter fleeting

Giving way to days of music and light

One a grieving midnight

Letting in wishes and wonders

See the light shining through?

The strange beauty that is known

Known only through the darkness

A darkness full of passing sorrows

That fade as the light draws near

The Storm

You know when it’s coming

You feel the wind

Taste the rain in the air

It takes the light

The color

Out of the world

It’s eerie and strong

Cold and shockingly hot

Loud with a bang

Sharp with a crack

It’s terrifying at first

Then you start to see the beauty

The beauty of hope after the rain

Through the Glass

The feet of fate

Walking among the

Dreams of daisies

A living love

Flowing around the

Serendipitous Stars

The movement of mercy

Changing the course of

Promised persistence

A fleeting face

Looking through

The glass to God



Afraid to just be

To sit beneath

The maple trees

To live

To love

To light the sky

Like a lightning bug

To breathe and hope

Afraid she’s just

Not good enough

But then he comes

To hold her hand

Making her feel

Strong again

Soft and strong

Safety, peace

Everything his hands

Mean to me

Making the music

Holding my tight

Leading me through

The dance floor of life



That’s it (comments and constructive criticism, as always, is welcome).  🙂


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    The spacing between lines decided to reformat itself on it’s way from where I wrote it to here, so it’s not exactly how I wanted it to look, but you get the idea, I think. 🙂


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