And thus ends an amazing 20 weeks with an absolutely amazing family of mine.  Our 2011 season at my beloved ren faire ended yesterday with an absolutely phenomenal closing day and many tears.  I’m sure there are many ‘family reunions’ planned until we get to March and the next weeks, though.  🙂

I’ve learned a lot about a lot of people.  I’ve grown closer than I thought I would ever be able to anytime soon to a very good friend.  I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable acting with my Lady Edine, who is one the most amazing people ever.  And I actually felt just how important this family of mine is to someone.

This friend of mine told me last night that she didn’t know what she was going to do after faire was over because it was the only thing getting her through life right now…  I, considering everything that has happened in my life in the past 2 months, understand what she means and I have come to the same dilemma (but that’s beside the point).  After we said bye and hugged each other, she turned to me and showed me her arms and said “I’ve stopped” and started skipping off.  It took me a minute to register what I saw there.  I saw scars and I knew what she meant.  Faire had made her happy again and it was like I was looking at myself 2 years ago.  I never cut myself but I was ridiculously depressed and I didn’t think very highly of myself at all…  I was never suicidal, but there were certainly times when I wondered why I even existed.  I found a sister last night that I didn’t realize I had.  I feel stupid for not realizing, but I guess I have this filter on my brain while I’m on site that blocks out any ‘outside the portal stuff’ except with my family and maybe a handful of other people.  I’m so ridiculously happy for her because I know exactly how she feels and it’s incredible.  🙂  I pray that she’ll still be happy even though faire is over until March, and I hope I get to be better friends with her off site.

Wow, I’m mushy.  😉

Me 🙂

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