Dear You

Dear Fellow Humans,

You can be gay.  You can be straight.  You can be black.  You can be white.  You can be Hispanic.  You can be Middle Eastern.  You can be Christian.  You can be Jewish.  You can be Atheist.  You can be Buddhist.  You can be Hindu.  You can be Wiccan.  You can be Unitarian Universalist.  You can be Muslim.  You can be young.  You can be old.  You can be male.  You can be female.  You can be rich.  You can be poor.  You can be ‘average’.  You can be anything but.  You can be a city slicker.  You can be a farmer.  You can be a Yankee.  You can be from the South.  You can even be a Wildcats fan.  You can drive a car.  You can drive a buggy.  You can drive a bike.  You can have long hair.  You can have short hair.  You can have a mullet.  You can be morning person.  You can be a night person.  You can be an afternoon person.  You can be this.  You can be that.  You can be whoever the heck you want to be.

Yes, I know you probably know this.  My point however, is that whoever you are is who I’m happy to know, to get to know and to have known, because who you are, mistakes and strokes of brilliance, is what makes you my brother or sister in humanity.  My fellow human bean.

I strive to not ever judge you based on labels.  Ever.  End of Story.

Why?  Because you are human just like me.  You are a child of God in my eyes, whether you put your faith in Him or not.  As a Christian, a person who tries her very best to emulate Christ in all that she does (with many a fault), I will do my best to not judge you just like my Savior does.

In a season where I’m seeing posts all over Facebook and articles all over the internet with people condemning Christians for pushing their faith on others by saying Merry Christmas or Christians condemning everybody else to a variety of horrid fates for saying Happy Holidays, I feel it important to let y’all know that I may not agree with you, but it doesn’t mean I love you as my fellow human any less.

Merry Christmas!

Me 🙂

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