So, today was lovely.  I got to spend a few hours with one of my absolute bestest friends in the whole wide world and that made me insanely happy.  I got to dress up as a turkey and be a Cratchit kid.  Life was grande.

But then everything went South.  I got home, promptly realized that it was the last day of the last weekend of the Christmas festival and proceeded to actually think about the thought that had been lurking all day.  I had messaged this boy I like this past Friday asking him if he was going to be able to make it out to see the show this weekend because he said he would try and he never messaged me back.  So, I was determined to be optimistic all day and just wait to see the top of his head somewhere amongst the crowd.  He didn’t show up.  Now, normally, that’d be all right.  I understand that him being there was dependent on his Aunt being there and she’s really busy, and understandably, she was spending time with her close family today.  That’s all grande and I’m glad she got to do that, I certainly don’t hold it against her.  No, the problem is not that he wasn’t there, it’s that he never told me if he was going to be there or not.  I feel incredibly ignored right now and that hurts.  A lot.  He won’t return any phone calls (though I stopped trying the beginning of November), won’t e-mail me back (though I do know that he’s rather bad about checking his e-mail, and that’s all right), and he won’t return messages on Facebook (which is how I tried to contact him Friday…  And I know that he’s definitely been on multiple times since then).  So, I just don’t know what to do.  I really need to talk to him.  I need to know if I should just give up and move on.  ‘Cause I really don’t want to, but if he doesn’t want to be with me, then I don’t really have another option, do I?  *sigh*

We get along incredibly well during the summer and whenever we’re together for any length of time, but lately it just feels as if he’s forgotten I exist, or he just doesn’t care.  I’m tired.  Boys are obnoxious and that’s my final decision.


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1 Response to Mep

  1. Samantha K. says:

    BOYS!! Well, do know that if he is the ‘person’ God will make way for you two to be together. When boys are in their teen years they do tend to forget about girls. One day when they mature they will pay attention to young ladie more (most of them at least). Try not to worry or try not to get angry, because it doesn’t get you anywhere. You did what you could and now you need to let it take it course. Love, love, love you!!! ❤ Smile and a big hug from me!!! ❤
    Prayers help a lot too!!!


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