PSA 3&4

(In case anyone was wondering, I’m abbreviating ‘Public Service Announcement’ for a very, very, very, incredibly good reason…  My ‘L’ key likes to play tricks on me at the moment and I don’t think I’ll ever live certain announcements down…  Ever.)  (In other news, I have awesome friends, who are awesome because they laugh with me and never let me live goofy things down)

Yesterday I didn’t post because I was exhausted.  At this moment I’m writing the little I can while I’m waiting for the girlie to fall asleep so I can go take a shower (hopefully Twin will still be awake and can keep an ear on her) and then finish.  🙂

Yesterday was surprisingly calm…  Though I had to remind myself numerous times that, just because we had been at my Dad’s two whole days, it didn’t mean we were going back home the next morning.  :/

However, we spent the day outside and I called/texted my Momma and talked to my Lady from faire.  I was content.  It’s been almost a year, and I think this is one of the first times I’ve been that way at my Dad’s.

*Shower Break*

Ha!  Success!  Twin kept an ear out, and I’m clean!  Whoop-dee-doo!
(On a side note, I’m not sure what to make of the fact that it makes me this happy that I was able to take a shower even though I remembered the need after I had already committed to laying Goofer down and getting her to sleep 😉 )

Anyway, giddy Sissy moments aside, yesterday was successful and heartbreaking at the same time.  Because being content here means I’m content with my Dad, which means I’ll miss him.  Which adds another person to my list of people I miss terribly.  (We’re ignoring the fact that he should have been on the list all along but something got messed up along the way)  It hurts to miss people.  Especially when a lot of the time you just want to be really mad at them, but you can’t bring yourself to be.  He’s still not on the same level as my Mom, but he’s a heck of a lot closer to where he should be…  I’m not sure he’ll ever be where my Mom is.  There’s some aspects of our relationship people in my life only get with real physical time with me.  And expressing the want to be around me.  Don’t get me wrong, the people that don’t have that sort of relationship with me aren’t less important to me…  Because I love a boatload of people.  It’s just that time makes it into a different relationship.  One that my Dad should have had with my siblings and I but chose not to (yeah, I know, he had his reasons and I forgive him and everything, I really try to, but it was still his choice to leave us).

Today was fantastic.  Spent some quality time downtown with the Twin. Ale81 and Chocolate chip cookies for the win (though I was *this* close to getting a spiced chai latte as I’ve grown rather fond of them from recent tea excursions with my favorite pirates, one of which may or may not also be the goodewyfe)!  Then last rehearsal and performance (if that’s the right word) of The Day Between Service at church.  An incredibly moving service (in my obviously humble opinion) put on by the youth at my church every year.  We pretty much portray the emotions of Christ’s friends and family the day after he was crucified.  Because, while Christians today celebrate Easter because of out Savior conquering death for us by rising from the grave, the people that actually experienced it had NO clue he would be back.  We do skits, a reverse advent litany (led by moi) and a short all in black nativity procession that ends at the cross.  It’s awesome (in the complete sense of the word) every time.  We have two awesome Moms that have led this for the past 11 years and a lot of the youth (including myself) have done it every year since sixth grade (TWIN EVEN DID TECH THIS YEAR!!!).  We said good bye to a lot of our normal people this year, since they’re graduating this spring…  It won’t be the same without them.  And you know the bestest, most powerful part of the ENTIRE thing this year?  My Mom came.  Which, in and of itself isn’t that surprising since she’s there every year.  BUT, I got two gigantically huge Mommy hugs and I didn’t know if she’d be there since she’s not been so into the whole Church thing lately…  I love my Mommy.  And it makes me sound like a little kid sometimes, but I really don’t care.  I wish everybody could have a relationship with their Mom like the one I have with mine…  I hope beyond belief that I have that kind of relationship with my wee ones.  I mean, seriously, the Lady has raised ME.  Single-handedly for quite a while.  AND not gone insane because of it.  She’s got mad skillz.  😉

Now, we make the best of whatever tomorrow brings…  Despite the fact that I will be at least 25% not in the moment because I’m missing home and our usual Easter traditions that are being skipped this year due to lack of time.  But it will be all right.  Breathe.  One more day.  😉

Have a Happy Easter all you crazy people keeping up with me!  Much Love to you all!

Me ❤

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