Song Lyrics that explain EVERYthing

I’ve been on quite the emotional roller coaster ride the past week or so for about fifty different reasons (good and bad), and all of my writing skills have been reduced to mush (especially in the letter and essay writing departments), so here’s some song lyrics that explain EVERYTHING:

“Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed
You say you wanna try again
But I’ve tried everything but giving in

I love you more than songs can say
But I can’t keep running after yesterday”

“Don’t know how it is you looked at me
and saw the person that I could be
Awakening my heart
Breaking throughout the dark
Suddenly your grace

Like sunlight burning at midnight
making my life something so
Beautiful, Beautiful
Mercy reaching to save me
All I need
you are so
Beautiful, Beautiful

Now there’s a joy inside I can’t contain
But even perfect days can end in rain
And though it’s pouring down
I’ll see you through clouds
Shining on my face”

“And when the rain would fall down
I’d just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I’d end up happy
I would pray (I would pray)

I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes til’ I touch the sky
And I’ll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
Out of the darkness and into the sun
But I won’t forget all the ones that I love

Wanna feel the warm breeze
Sleep under a palm tree
Feel the rush of the ocean
Get onboard a fast train
Travel on a jet plane, far away”

“Can’t hold a candle to her
Cause all the moths get in the way
And they’ll begin to chew her
Entire attire until it frays”

“I could go back to every laugh,
But I don’t wanna’ go there anymore,
And I know all the steps up to your door,
But I don’t wanna’ go there anymore.

Talk to the wind, talk to the sky,
Talk to the man with the reasons why,
And let me know what you find.

I’ll leave my window open,
‘Cause I’m too tired at night to call your name.
Just know I’m right here hopin’,
That you’ll come in with the rain.

I could stand up and sing you a song,
But I don’t wanna’ have to go that far.
And I, I’ve got you down,
I know you by heart,
And you don’t even know where I start.

Talk to yourself, talk to the tears,
Talk to the man who put you here,
And don’t wait for the sky to clear.

I’ve watched you so long,
Screamed your name,
I don’t know what else I can say.”

“I’ve been living to see you.
Dying to see you, but it shouldn’t be like this.
This was unexpected,
What do I do now?
Could we start again please?
I’ve been very hopeful, so far.
Now for the first time, I think we’re going wrong.
Hurry up and tell me,
This is just a dream.
Oh could we start again please?

Could we start again?”

“Just one more thing before you leave
Don’t forget to remember me’

And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night
And even when it’s not, I tell her everything’s alright
Before we hung up I said
‘Hey momma, don’t forget to tell my baby sister I’ll see her in the fall
And tell Mamaw that I miss her
Yeah, I should give her a call”

“I’ve read the words before so now I know
The time has come again for me

And I’m feelin’ the same way all over again
Feelin’ the same way all over again
Singin’ the same lines all over again
No matter how much I pretend

Another day that I can’t find my head
My feet don’t look like they’re my own
I’ll try and find the floor below to stand
And I hope I reach it once again”

“High flying, adored
What happens now, where do you go from here?”

“Won’t you please let me in your heart

I want you back

Trying to live without your love
Is like one long sleepless night”

“I will always be true
No, I’ll never be leaving
I will be here with you
Through the storms and the seasons
Through the sun and the rain
Through the joy and the pain
I will know what to do
I will always be true

If you need a shoulder to cry on
I’m here every time
And when you need a hand to hold
I’ll give you mine
I’ll give you mine”

“When I look into your eyes
It’s like watching the night sky
Or a beautiful sunrise
There’s so much they hold

I won’t give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I’m giving you all my love
I’m still looking up

And when you’re needing your space
To do some navigating
I’ll be here patiently waiting
To see what you find

‘Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We’ve got a lot to learn
God knows we’re worth it
I won’t give up

I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got yeah, we got a lot at stake
And in the end, you’re still my friend at least we did intend
For us to work we didn’t break, we didn’t burn
We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in
I had to learn what I’ve got, and what I’m not
And who I am”

“What’s missing in my life is you
So I’ll leave it in your hands now

To come through
I’ll leave it in your hands now
To come through
I’ll leave it in your hands now
To come through
I’m gonna it in your hands now
To come through

Its like diving into a pool without water
And praying for rain
Well, my life is a good life anyway
What I have will do
But when you’re alone
You’re living in a world with only choices
And what I choose is you
So I’ll leave it in your hands now”

“And I meant, every word I said
When I said that I love you I meant
That I love you forever”

“Keep on, keep on shinin’
Wherever you may be
Keep on, keep on shinin’
For all the world to see

Having faith in the long run is easier said than done
It’s hard to live out in the light of day
You’re bruised and you’re battered, your dreams have been shattered
Your best laid plans scattered over the place

Despite all your tendencies, God sees it differently
Your struggle’s a time to grow
And you, you’re a miracle, anything but typical
It’s time for the whole wide world to know”

“Felt like a pearl when I was holding your hand
So precious I forgot
You could have any girl but I only wanted one man
And you were everything I’m not
Still I gave it my best shot”

“You need to know, where I’m standin now
That I’m right on the edge of givin in to ya
Baby it’s a long way down

If I fall, can ya let me down easy
If I leave my heart with you tonight,
Will you promise me that you’re gonna treat it right
I’m barely hangin on, if I fall, can you let me down easy”

“Ever since the world around you shattered
You’ve been looking everywhere for something more
Sometimes you feel like your life doesn’t matter
But it does
I tell you it does

Come on let me love you now
Come on let me love you and hold you through the storms
I will keep you safe and warm
Come on let me love you now
Come on let me love you and kiss away your tears
I will always be here
Come on let me love you

Yesterday you found your heart was broken
Tomorrow doesn’t leave much room for hope
Today you’ll find that my arms are wide open
And my heart
My heart is full of love

Give up on all the other things
‘Cause my love can bring you more
And if you take a chance on me
I’ll give you what you’re looking for”

“Little Miss done on love,
Little Miss I give up,
Little Miss I’ll get tough, don’t you worry ’bout me anymore
Little Miss checkered dress,
Little Miss one big mess,
Little Miss I’ll take less when I always give so much more
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright,
Yeah, sometimes ya gotta lose ’til ya win,
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright,
It’ll be alright again, it’ll be alright again”

“The hardest part is over
Let it in,
Let your clarity define you
In the end
We will only just remember how it feels

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain

Let it slide,
Let your troubles fall behind you
Let it shine
Until you feel it all around you
And i don’t mind
If it’s me you need to turn to
We’ll get by,
It’s the heart that really matters in the end”

“A heart is a lonely thing to lose in the dead of the night

The heart is a sad thing to lose in the throws of a fight

The heart is a match to the fire

And the embers of desire to keep it burning

I am a shell of the manner and the means

Mine is a story of nothing as it seems

But when we’ve come this far

Still we don’t know who we are, does it keep burning?
When it’s over and you see it with your eyes

Would you rather have the truth or a lie?”

“My heart won’t move, it’s incomplete

If there was a way that I could make you understand”

“Forever seems so distant
Much further than today
You turn around and in an instant
You find that you are just as far from yesterday
The day it feels like winter
The night it feels like stone
You turn around and you remember
When you’re surrounded
You can still feel so alone

But it’s in between the start and end
I find myself once again
Questioning this place

Calling out your name
San Angelo”

“Maybe the times we had, they weren’t that bad
And everything else was part of the plan
We sang: “I don’t know where we go from here”
This is the alpha, omega, beginning and the end
And we all just idolize the dead

So you were born, and that was a good day
Someday you’ll die, and that is a shame
But somewhere in the between was a life of which we all dream
And nothing and no one will ever take that away

You had a love and that love had you
And nothing mattered, you were fine
And some will complain, they’re just bitter, what a shame
They know that loving and losing is better than nothing at all”

“I’m no one special, just another
Wide eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you

I’m invisible and everyone knows who you are
And you’ll never sing me to sleep”

“Where did I go wrong?

Tell me what I have done here

It didn’t take too long

For the sun to disappear

Now it’s gone and I’m alone, yeah


This song was meant for you

It had a happy ending

But you had to change your mind

And I don’t know what happened”

“Shadows fill an empty heart
As love is fading,
From all the things that we are
But are not saying.
Can we see beyond the stars
And make it to the dawn?

Change the colors of the sky.
And open up to
The ways you made me feel alive,
The ways I loved you.
For all the things that never died,
To make it through the night,
Love will find you.

What about now?
What about today?
What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love never went away?
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it’s too late,
What about now?”

“What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin’ to do”

“When the rain comes it seems that everyone has
gone away
When the night falls you wonder if you shouldn’t
find someplace
To run and hide
Escape the pain
But hiding’s such a lonely thing to do”

“Your Kentucky girl’s been waiting patiently
Why not me?

Why not me on a rainy day?
Why not me to love your cares away?
Why not me?
Why not me when the nights get cold?
Why not me when you’re growin’ old?
Why not me?”

“A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.”

“All I have to give you is all that I am

I only hope it’s all that you need

‘Cause there’s a place where you can begin again

Back to the start

You can be who you are

I cannot bear the thought of being apart and can’t get back to you

So come closer honey just a little

Meet me in the middle

The road goes both ways too

All I have to give you is all that I am

I only hope it’s all that you need


“Everything’s cool, yeah
It’s all gonna be okay, yeah

But not today, no
Cause I don’t feel so good
I’m tangled up inside
My heart is on my sleeve
Tomorrow is a mystery to me

And I’ve been trying to make
Believe it doesn’t hurt

But that makes it worse, yeah
See, I’m a wreck inside
My tongue is tied and my
Whole body feels so weak
The future may be all I really need

Like a first love,
The one and only true love
Wasn’t it written all over my face, yeah
I loved you like you loved me (Oh)
Like something pure and holy
Like something that can never be replaced

And it was wonderful,
It was magical,
It was everything I’ve waited for,
A miracle”

Yep.  That’s about it.  Every single line here has a particular meaning to me right now.  Music is my safety net.  Now I hurry up and wait, hope, and pray.  It’ll all be okay somehow.  ❤

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