There’s this picture going around Facebook that talks about how a book should be written where the character falls in love with the reader.  I think it’s a wonderful idea.  I also feel like it’s what prompted my current “this is what I want right now” string of thoughts…  Well, that and being sick and listening to Hunter Hayes.  *Enter one of my weird lists*

What I want:

  1. A man who cares about me and admits it.
  2. Who wants to make me feel wanted.
  3. Who would hold me through this really really horrible head cold, even when I tell him not to ’cause he might get sick.
  4. Someone who will sing to me.
  5. Who will play random (really danceable) music for me on an instrument, or Youtube, or whatever.
  6. Who will dance with me.
  7. Who will let me love him.
  8. Someone I can trust.
  9. Who I could kiss and not think twice about it.
  10. Who communicates with me.  About the big stuff and little things like texting/calling/messaging me in the morning.
  11. Someone who makes time for me.  I’m not someone he settles for, or someone he is around when he doesn’t have another option.

I’m proud of myself that I kept it to 11 things…

Me 😉

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