Disclaimer: I’m experimenting with answering and describing things as shortly and precisely as possible.  Anyone who’s seen the newest Dr. Who Christmas special will understand my inspiration.  Basically, I’m going to ask myself questions and answer them, which, as it turns out, is a really weird format for a blog post.  I could use more practice, too, so if you have a question, shoot.  It’ll be fun.  🙂

Why am I doing this experiment?
Effective Communication

What has this year contained?

What will next year be?

To Make it Worth it

Currently, it’s 3 in the morning after my fourth and last Christmas celebration.  I just got off the phone with my bestest friend.  For once, I was the one talking for most of the three hours.  This usually doesn’t happen because I simply don’t verbalize my thoughts for that long on a regular basis.  She said I was good at talking and she enjoys listening to me.  Good at talking is not a compliment I’ve ever received before, but it was awfully reassuring because I worry about talking too much a lot of the time.  The word shall be Reassurance.

I have what promises to be a highly enjoyable adventure planned for the near future with a very good friend.  With plenty of opportunities for some pretty awesome excitement and growth.  The word for that shall be Sanguine.

I wish you all a grande start to your New Year.  🙂

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