There are so many things going on my brain right now that I’m excited about.  Horribly, terribly excited about.  So many things I want to share with you all because they’re just so exciting.  About my Me and my adventures in finding it, about that mysterious other half of the planet known as ‘male humans’ and my relationship towards them (and why they’re some of my favorite people EVER), about faith and ethics and working definitions to aid and facilitate communication.  So much excitement.  And a lot of fear.  And a lot of bittersweet stuff.  And a lot of crying required to get here (again).  Thing is, I just can’t write about any of it yet.  For some reason the words just won’t translate from the language in my brain to my fingertips to my keyboard.  It’s just not gonna happen.  So, be excited.  Because there’s exciting stuff happening for everybody (I’m sure of it).  I want to know about your exciting stuff!  And once I read and think and explore some more, maybe the excitement will translate and you can understand some of mine.

Me 🙂

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