When We Paint Facebook Red



And not freedom from, either.

Freedom to.

Freedom to love.

Along with all the others.

Life, learning, and faith.

My opinion on whether or not homosexuality is something our bodies, minds, and spirits were intended for…

It’s moot.

That does not factor in.

Because it’s not the issue.

The issue is freedom to love however someone wants, because it cannot possibly be the harm.

So why

The hell

Should a court stand in its way?

But it’s pointless, yeah?

This whole changing profile pictures or our t-shirts…

Well, no.

Because it lets my gay friends know I’m behind them in love.

In whatever small, quiet, but very visible way.

That I support them.

It shows people I don’t even know that they have hundreds upon hundreds of people standing quietly beside them saying “I’ve got your back.”

Even if I’m not out there protesting.

Even if I don’t agree with everything you do.

I support your inherent rights.

Because seeing all that red for my gay friends is somewhat close, I’d imagine

To pink smoke over the Vatican and across the world.

So don’t tell me that nobody cares about those little symbols like red.

Cause that just isn’t true.

Because when I saw all of that pink smoke in support of MY equality within the little c catholic church…

I felt like it couldn’t possibly fail.

Even if it takes another hundred years for women’s right to ministry to be recognized.

Even if it takes another hundred years for my gay friend’s right to love to be recognized.

The symbols show unity.

Above and beyond theological differences.

Those little symbols show support.

And it’s a very real kind of support to feel.

That red, that pink:

They say “Don’t you worry (about a thing).  Your back?  We’ve got it.”

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