Do You Know That I’m Sorry?

Do you know,
That I know you hurt, too?
That I cry for you?
That I pray harder than I probably should,
For you to be better,
For life to stop hitting you so hard,
For you to stop being lonely?

Do you know,
That it breaks my heart when I can't help?
That I don't just pray for you to be better,
But for me to be something positive for you?

Do you know,
That I am broken?
That being told I'm part of your problem
Is something I never thought possible?

Do you know,
That you were the last
Person close to me I could
Be broken around?

Do you know,
That "smothering" is that
One thing I'm always so afraid
That I'll do to the people who love me?

Do you know,
That I'm sorry?
That I never meant to take advantage of you?
That I wish I could do it on my own,
So that I wouldn't be your problem?
That I love you?  

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