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(Before I End up Singing) Drunk Last Night

Sooo…  There’s this insanely catchy song called “Drunk Last Night”, yeah?  Well, here’s the lyrics: I got a little drunk last night There’s something ’bout a midnight rain Staring at the ceiling fan I couldn’t get you off my brain … Continue reading

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When Sometimes Being Away is Okay Friends,  I talk a lot about how my Dad was gone a lot. And how it really really seriously screwed basically everything up. I think I’ve even mentioned that it’s not one of those … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts

Warning: Ranty ranting rants forthcoming. If you’re a parent, under no circumstance is it okay to tell your children that they’re ruining your lunch because they’re upset that you’re not doing what you said you would do.  Really, this isn’t … Continue reading

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A little bit of a rant so I can move onto more important things

Things like this paper thing (THANK GOODNESS it’s only 1-2 paragraphs). But I’ve been reminded that ranting is good. So, here you go loving and faithful interweb readers, a rant for you. (Though I’ve also been reminded that you need … Continue reading

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Closets Aren’t Homes via Ash Beckham

This is not about being gay or being female or wanting pancakes (though I could really go for some purple pajamas with fish on them right about now… 😛 ), contrary to what seems to be the general feeling. I … Continue reading

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