A little bit of a rant so I can move onto more important things

Things like this paper thing (THANK GOODNESS it’s only 1-2 paragraphs).

But I’ve been reminded that ranting is good. So, here you go loving and faithful interweb readers, a rant for you. (Though I’ve also been reminded that you need to rant AT someone, so I’m just going to go with the thought that small rants can be made on le internetz and still have the same effect…  ?)

Dear English department,
PLEASE fix your copier/printer/whatever my professor needs fixed in order to giv us our assignments when he wants to (a full day and a half before we actually got them). Please. Pretty please.

Professor e-mails short assignment (based on a reading which NOBODY *really* comprehends completely) 36 hours before it’s due? Yeah, it happened. (And it seems like myself and all of my classmates are either sick, tired, out of town, or hungover on the weekends… Which makes things loads better.)

Also, I have two quizzes tomorrow (neither of which I’m really prepared for). And I spent yesterday with my Mamaw. I spent Friday with family and a good friend. And this morning travelling (home from Mamaw). I spent a few hours working at church (catching up with some kiddoes and awesome adults). I’ve been fending off the beginnings of a sinus infection for the past several days and have therefore been sleeping. And I have 2 papers and an annotated bibliography (I think) due next week. And an exam on Wednesday. And last week was spent fixing things and thinking about things and taking two other exams. And and and…  Overwhelmed Me is happening. It’s a thing. 

Now, writing. 

P.S.- If you stuck through this and became the audience for my rant, thank you. Because that was totally optional. And you so didn’t  have to do it. But you did. And that’s pretty awesome of you. ❤

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