Some Thoughts

Warning: Ranty ranting rants forthcoming.

If you’re a parent, under no circumstance is it okay to tell your children that they’re ruining your lunch because they’re upset that you’re not doing what you said you would do.  Really, this isn’t an okay thing to do period. You don’t blame others for your bad mood because they’re voicing disappointment with the way you’re acting. It’s not the disappointed person’s problem. Especially if they’re a child and you’re a grown up. End of discussion. I don’t care how much experience with parenting you have. It’s unacceptable behavior. 

I love my baby sister. I will always be there for her to talk to. I will always stand with her against whatever she faces, whether it’s in school or with one of my parents or somewhere else in her life. Always. That will never change. And you better darn well believe that I don’t care who you are if you make her cry because you’re being a jerk, I will tell her that you’re being a jerk if she asks. I will talk with her when she wants to talk and when she’s crying. And I’m not going to walk on eggshells. I have no qualms with letting her feel that she can talk to me and being her support when she decides she needs to let herself be disappointed. She doesn’t need to accept everything as okay. That is *not* what it means to be a “big girl”. 

That said, I am not her parent. I am her big sister. I cannot just change my plans in the middle of a Sunday when I have four papers to write and a test on Monday because you can’t keep your promises. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to. But usually I can’t. Professors don’t really go with the “well, I had to take care of a child” when the student isn’t actually a parent. 

Also, in case I’ve never said it…  I’m incredibly stinkin’ proud of my twin brother. He can handle rude and hurtful criticism with grace. And I admire that. I’m unintentionally part of his problem a lot and I need to fix that. He’s at a vo/tech community college, I’m at a university. He’s gonna get an Associate’s degree in something computer-y, I’m getting a bachelor’s in a make-your-own-major program and eventually a Master’s in something. He’s probably going to be better off financially for the rest of forever because he’s going into the tech industry and I’m going into ministry. We commute to school together. 55 miles each way. And I like hearing his perspective on things (unless I want to nap) even though we disagree on most things. 

That said, I don’t think I’m better than him. And I hope he doesn’t think he’s better than me. If you decide to tell him that he’s a slacker, you’re damn well mistaken if you think I’m going to even look in your direction, much less support you. *ESPECIALLY* when two seconds later you’re mocking the fact that I do so much school work even though (as far as you’re concerned) my degree isn’t going to amount to anything. 

Also, I’m really excited about my Peace Studies class next semester. So get rid of that patronizing “oh that’s cute and useless” smirk. I’m done with it. 

Happy thankful rant- Thank you people who have my back. Who love me. Who hug me. Who say “let’s talk” or “wanna hang out?”.  To the people who I can call and talk to about the hard stuff. I don’t think I could ever say thanks enough. Seriously. Majorly appreciated.


P.S.- We had Sunday School in a coffee house today and it was basically awesome. I love odd church, 🙂 





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2 Responses to Some Thoughts

  1. Sue Carter says:

    Rant on dear rant on!! {{{hugs}}}
    Unfortunately sometimes parents aren’t able to fulfill a promise, that’s just the reality of being the adult. But the important thing is how you handle it with the promisee, especially a child. No child should grow up thinking they will never be disappointed or have someone renege on them. BUT being lambasted for the tears of disappointment is hurtful and doesn’t accomplish anything or serve as a teachable moment.
    Some parents and some adults just don’t get it.

  2. rea says:

    ((Hug)) back! ❤
    I agree. I should amend to say "thoughtless promises made with the intention of getting the other person to leave you alone." I completely understand that promises can't always be kept. It's a touchy rough subject for me, but I get it. "The important this is how you handle it with the promisee.." YES.
    Much love, Ms. Sue!


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