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A Brief Break from the Last English 105 Paper

My problem with writing papers (particularly of the research type, and particularly when that research has everything to do with religion):I’m afraid of not being able to address all of the issues and counter all of the arguments in a … Continue reading

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Hey Look! Once Again, Music Has Words I Don’t

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A Note on What Love Looks Like

So, today is the anniversary of my Mom’s parents wedding (if you’ve never met them, they are two of the best people on the face of the world). They’ve been married for 45 years. I took the opportunity to ask … Continue reading

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When I’m too busy with finals to actually think about things so stuff like this just hits me like a brick wall and then you get to read the super condensed version

I feel like I’m falling out of a … something strong and fuzzy… I didn’t know I still held… Becoming friends. It’s all very terrifying. He’s still one of my favorite people. I enjoy being around him. If I could … Continue reading

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