A Brief Break from the Last English 105 Paper

My problem with writing papers (particularly of the research type, and particularly when that research has everything to do with religion):
I’m afraid of not being able to address all of the issues and counter all of the arguments in a paper. And then I realize that I’ll never be able to do all of those things. And then I get even more scared because I feel like I’m doing something wrong. And then I waste time. And then I give myself writer’s block because I’m scared.

This topic is the one I’m most interested in and passionate about. And so I have more to risk by being wrong. Or something.

I have a problem with fear standing in the way of expression. It’s a general theme of me.

I have no idea how to fix this.

In the meantime…  This paper is due tomorrow. And I’m about to lose my mind over it. Maybe I’ll post it here once I get my grade back and y’all can let me know your thoughts. *nods*


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