Little Bits of My Day – 1/29

“It’s so insane, that anyone today still thinks that being born with male genitalia automatically makes you more qualified to know and speak for God than does being a person who actually can bring life into the world.” – See more at:  (This whole thing is great. The blogger is great, too, but he tends towards more assertive than I am super comfy with. But still. He has some truthiness from a lot of different sides.)

The entirety of With Any Sort of Certainty by Streetlight Manifesto. It’s sticking in my head today. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m also not complaining.

Hmmmm…  Dreams. They’re some weird stuff. Nasal decongestants have a strange tendency to make mine more vivid and memorable. Last night’s was scary, but there were a couple people who were there that I knew would have my back. It was a nervewracking dream.

I’m sitting in the gym waiting for fencing, trying to stay warm and translating The Clouds. Next week is the first intense week if this semester, but everything’s going well and I’m not too worried about much just yet. So far my only problem has been two busted water bottles in one month of class. 

It’s cold you guys. Stay warm. Hug a penguin. 

Me 🙂 

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