Little Bits of My Day- 1/30

Multiple varieties of me being a sitter began last night. I’m being treated well by the four legged, two legged, and four walled entities. Though the tiny four leg is an adorable ball of absolute crazy. 

We talked about gender differences from the perspective of evolutionary psychology today at ze college. All the stuff sounded rather familiar….  Like how women are more cautious of casual sex than men due to the “price” of conception and such. But, get this. The only reason the stuff sounds familiar is because there have been extreme voices of conservative Christianity which have expressed the same thoughts. Only, rather than stating how things have happened theyre stating what should happen. It cracks me up that something with evolution in the name reminded me of the statements I’ve heard from some people who are into the whole young Earth thing. (I’m not saying all or even most young Earth folks are quite so chauvinistic.) 

Greek is breaking me. First crazy week of this semester starts Monday. 3 exams. One lunch. One presentation. One paper. More fencing. Yep. It’ll be cahrazy. 😉 

Me 🙂 

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