I Just Wrote “A Future Minister’s Thoughts…”

Am I really?
Am I admitting it?
Am I accepting it?
I know I want it.
But have I finally decided that I’m worth dreaming that it will happen.
Not because I think I’m a better Christian or a better person…
But because I can’t imagine a bugger freedom than helping others figure out how they’re going to reach towards God.

Speaking of…
I really wish religious dress could be redeemed..
Not like, mandatory “women have to cover their heads” or “men can’t shave…”
But voluntary.
A way for those without the gift of verbal statements of faith to state their faith.
A way for people to understand that the things they see done by me are done with through and with the help of that Jesus dude.

I have too many ministry/worship/practice ideas.
Interfaith service group
Random church
Voluntary Visual Statements of Faith
I dunno.

I need to go write a paper on religious diversity. ;P

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