Here’s The Problem (NotSoBrainDumpRelated):

1.- I don’t yet own The Fault in Our Stars (the movie). And I’m gonna have to get it with my Christmas money, because sometimes I need things to keep me in that peculiar place of just loving with abandon and believing I’ll just fall in love with some human some time eventually. And I like staying in that place.

2.- People not saying what they mean.

3.- Too many people believing that anything good can only happen after struggle.

4.- People not leaning into all the life that they have around them. Not feeling pain, but not feeling joy either.

5.- There’s not enough summer right now.

6.- Not enough people taking risks.

7.- I have a friend who is only a friend and could not ever be more but I like Augustus Waters because he is all of the confident (but not cocky or presumptuous)and funny and kind and thoughtful and this friend just happens to be a lot like him. So that’s a weird thing in my brain.

8.- Too many people not realizing that some people are worth the possibility of their heartbreak and their time and their energy and that everyone is worth their love.

9.- Not enough people looking at the people they love and being in awe.

10.- Not enough grown ups being grown ups.

11.- Not enough babies being babies.

12.- Not enough of me leaning into fast and crazy and love and stuff (because I’ve got the calm, slow, cool thing under control).

13.- Not enough people saying “I love you.”

14.- Not enough people trusting love.

15.- Not enough hand holding.

16.- Too many people trying to be islands.

17.- There’s more, I’m sure. But cleaning beckons.

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