Sleepy Sunday Thought

So, I think being lucky in the realm of relationships and things is having a best friend (that you’re attracted to, which all legit friends are, to an extent, I guess) who wants the same things out of life (as far as like religion and family ideals) as you… Because you can have a reeeaallly good friend that you just kinda click with but all you do is cuddle and hang out and stuff because you know you wanna get married and they know they don’t or you know you don’t want kids and they know the do or you know you’re a devout Christian and they’re a pastafarian. And that’s just never gonna work. Or you can meet someone who has presumably the same life goals, but you just don’t click in the ways that good friends should, and nobody wants to make a not-friend their priority. The second one is a lot easier to deal with. The first one seems messy and crazy and nice in this time of remembering that being single doesn’t mean being lonely or being a failure or any other negative thing. Ya know?

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