Sometimes Words are Just Right

I’m a brand new 20. This is good. Sometimes things are so spot on that you just cry happy tears of “Yes! Someone gets it!” And I’m not even getting married in 44 days. ;P (I think I’m gonna start following her blog.)
“I was divinely designed to be exactly who I am,
& to fit a mold made by anybody besides my creative Father is to rob the world of all the things that make me, me”
“Freedom is for people who trust in the One who made them,
Who want to live lives too big to be ready for.”
I have an internship that starts in four days and I’m definitely not ready.
But I’m getting better at all of this.
It helps not living at home. I don’t have someone to ask if something’s okay.
I have to trust myself more.
Or at least trust that God didn’t make an idiot.
(I have an internship in four days, ren faire in two, and a ton of Vietnam pictures to post on Facebook and stuff to pack and people to thank for their birthday wishes and yet… This armchair by this sunshiney window reading things that warm my heart… That’s where it’s at right now.)
A friend of mine has a tiny newborn… She’s my age. She hasn’t traveled the world, but she’s leading adventures that take just as much courage.
I’ve gotten way better at just kind of accepting the emotions I have, feeling them, and letting the life roll and bounce as it may knowing that God’s got my back and my sides and steps. 🙂
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