About Me

Hey!  If you actually looked for this page you must really want to know something more about me…  There’s not really much else to tell than what’s out there for everybody to see…  Unless it reveals personal names and such…  That doesn’t need to be floating around cyberspace anyway…  If you want to know more than you could e-mail me…  You’re going to have to already have my e-mail address to do that though because I’m sure not putting it on here.  By all means, though, if you know me well enough to have my e-mail address or phone number (or access to them) go ahead and shoot me an e-mail or call…  I generally let other people take the lead on how much we communicate…  If you would rather me not do that, just let me know.  I can be quite clueless sometimes.  : )

One more thing:

The purpose of this blog is not and will never be to make you think a certain way.  I do ask that you make an effort to think though…  Whatever those thoughts may be.  Also, (not that I think anybody has put me on a pedestal high enough for this to happen; and if you have you should probably lower said pedestal before my ego grows to enormous heights) nothing I say is an absolute about anything…  Even if I’m talking about history or religion or something that is supposedly a “fact”…  I would appalled if you didn’t question what I’m saying and figure out your own thoughts.  I’m much too fallible for people o trust what I say that much. I just want to make you think…  Google is and will always be your friend.

Me : )


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