Kabbalah Chapter 1

So, one of the books I got at the Library is called ‘Life Rules’ by Yehuda Berg.  It’s kind of like an instructional booklet on Kabbalah, AKA a school of Jewish thought that probably falls under the category of mysticism, for teenagers.  Here’s a link to the wiki page on Kabbalah (and, upon going to this page just now, I discovered that there’s a Christian version…  See what happens when I go on Wikipedia?  I get VERY distracted): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Kabbalah

Anyway, Kabbalah has basic priniciples, or tenets.  In Berg’s book these are split up into 13 parts:

1. Don’t believe a word you read. Test drive the lessons learned.

2. Two basic realities exist, our 1% world of darkness and the 99% realm of the Light.

3. Everything a human being truly desires from life is spiritual Light.

4. The purpose of life is spiritual transformation from a reactive being to a proactive being.

5. In the moments of transformation, we make contact with the 99% realm.

6. Never – and that means never – lay blame on other people or external events.

7. Resist your reactive impulses, knowing that this is the way to create lasting light.

8. Reactive behavior creates intense sparks of Light, but eventually leaves darkness in its wake.

9. Obstacles are our opportunity to connect to the Light.

10. The greater the obstacle, the greater the potential Light.

11. When challenges appear overwhelming, inject Certainty.  The Light is always there!

12. True internal change is created through the DNA power of the Hebrew letters.

13. All negative traits that you spot in others are merely a reflection of your own negative traits.  Only by changing yourself can you see a change in others.


Each one has its own chapter and these are my reflections and notes from Chapter 1- Don’t Believe a Word You Read. Test-drive the Lessons Learned:

Quotes I like from this chapter:

“They were all fine people, even those who were cruel to me, but they didn’t have what I knew was possible.”

“Their faces looked empty.”  (I must say that I am rather blessed in that I know people who do have this elusive whatever it is; people who’s faces AREN’T empty.)

“Frying an egg can be spiritual if you bring the right mindset to it.”

“We must be more careful about what we choose to believe – and what we choose to reject.”

“You will know that the wisdom is pure if you find yourself saying, ‘Wow, I already knew this – deep inside I always felt this to be true’.”

Journal Exercise at the End of the Chapter

Q.- Why are you here?

A.- I don’t really know.  To be the hands and feet of Christ; to have a family and love; to listen; to share what I learn; to search for mt own set of rights.

Q.- How did you come by your beliefs?

A.- Mostly through my church.  Partly through fear of messing up.  More recently from a yearning to know more and become closer to my Christ.  Regardless of where they come from, all of my beliefs have been tested, some proving true for the moment, some proving to be in need of change.  They’ve also all been tested to an increasing degree as I’ve gotten older.

Pretty much, what I got from this chapter was a more in depth explanation and look at practicing what my Sunday School teacher describes as ‘not having brand loyalty’.

Hopefully I’ll get to the next chapter sometime in the near future, because I’m finding all of this rather interesting.  🙂


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